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Asset Management

Our asset management team offers professional management and strategic oversight of all real estate assets owned by commercial real estate investors. The goal of the team is to optimize value, performance, and profitability of properties and portfolios. By employing strategic planning, financial analysis, risk management, and market expertise, asset managers help investors achieve their investment objectives while minimizing potential risks.

Portfolio Strategy

  • Work with property owners to develop and implement a comprehensive strategy for the portfolio (investment goals, risk tolerance, market conditions, time horizon)

Property Performance Analysis

  • Conduct thorough analyses of individual properties within the portfolio to identify opportunities for improvement and inform decision making processes

Financial Management

  • Take proactive strategy with financial oversight, including budgeting, forecasting, and financial reporting

Tenant Relations and Lease Administration

  • In conjunction with the property managers, maintain relationships with tenants, addressing their needs and concerns promptly
  • Handle lease negotiations, renewals, and negotiations, ensuring optimal occupancy rates and tenant satisfaction

Property Maintenance and Operations

  • Oversee property maintenance and operations to ensure the assets are well-maintained, compliant with regulations, and operate efficiently

Risk Management and Legal Oversight

  • Assess and manage risks associated with the portfolio, including evaluating insurance coverage, implementing risk management protocols, and monitoring compliance
  • Work with legal counsel to ensure any potential litigation is professionally addressed in a cost effective manner

Market Research and Analysis

  • Monitor market conditions, industry trends, and economic factors that may impact the portfolio

Acquisition, Disposition and Financing

  • Manage the sale, acquisition, disposition and financing of properties within the portfolio
  • Evaluate market conditions, assess potential acquisitions, conduct due diligence, negotiate transactions, and oversee the acquisition, disposition and financing closing process

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