Meet Our Team

Steve Dobbs

Senior Controller
Portrait of Krista Miller

Krista Miller

Portrait of Greg Rufus, 52 Management Chief Engineer

Greg Rufus

Chief Engineer
Portrait of Laura Dobbs Verden, 52 Management Director of Marketing

Laura Verden

Director of Marketing
Portrait of Whitley Caviness

Whitley Caviness

Director of Lease Administration
Portrait of Greg Ashton

Greg Ashton

VP, Property Management
Portrait of Silvana Garcia

Silvana Garcia

VP, Property Management
Portrait of David Johnson

David Johnson

VP, Property Management

Liddy Anstoetter

Executive Assistant
Portrait of Lauren Scates

Lauren Scates

Assistant Property Manager
Portrait of Fonda Howard

Fonda Howard


Our Core Values

Real Innovation

We are an innovative, privately-held company that owns and manages commercial real estate.

Service First

We work hard every day to provide white-glove service and build long-term relationships with our tenants.

Good Neighbors

We have committed to beautify buildings, increase land values, and support our communities.

Long-Term Ownership

We maintain long-term ownership of all our assets to provide stability and flexibility for our tenants.

Values Matter

We only contract third-party vendors whose values and service-first attitude match our own.

Industry Leading

We take pride in our industry-leading occupancy rate of over 90% across all properties.

Let's see what we can build together.